Courses 10

Review of 2009-10 Academic Year

Enrolling students

  • Currently, I download all rosters from, compile the rosters, and then upload them in to Moodle (35, courses 3500 students).

Archiving Courses

  • Keep one academic year on course delivery server. Plan is to archive at the end of academic year

Scheduling Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Advisory Board asked not to schedule upgrades in August
  • Advisory Board suggested an integration server to test code changes because of problems with course menu

User access

  • Users could not login because of problems with db and a log file. Created server load report for Moodle Support Team (e.g. Yolanda, Cruz, and Paola)


  • The “Enable Send as marking” setting prevents saving the grades of rubric-enabled uploaded assignments. Have a process to work around problem.
  • Amber went to look for grades for some Final exams for HLTH 231 on and discovered they weren’t there. I also created a help ticket for this.
  • After students completed Midterm exams in HLTH 410, HLTH 231, and HLTH 236 some exams do not have a completion date. Some of these exams do have a grade and others do not. Believe students were hitting start exam button more than once.

My Moodle

  • index.php edited around 20090813 to allow more courses to be displayed on mymoodle page for students
  • lib.php edited around 20090812 to remove course details from showing