Max Upload Size

From Moodle

We have increased the max upload size to 100MB.  But, we are recommending people to upload large course files outside of Moodle.  In particular, Video files should be sent to Media Matrix.  This will make backup and restores simpler.  It will make the course backup process simpler to backup the Moodle data and files separately.  It will also allow for the replication of courses without duplicating all course files.

Apache Configuration

LimitRequestBody.  Default is unlimited.  This is the current setup on our servers.

PHP Configuration

PHP has two byte limits, defined in /usr/local/lib/php.ini

  • upload_max_filesize 104857600 (100MB)
  • post_max_size 104857600 (100MB)

Moodle Settings

Server --> Site Settings --> Maximum uploaded file size.  Set to server limit

A value can also be placed in config.php.  $CFG->maxbytes.  But, anything larger than 2MB seems to result in an error.

In addition, a upload limit can be set for individual courses.  Course Administration --> Edit Settings --> Maximum Upload Size