Upgrading Moodle

Upgrading Moodle Core for COURSES

  1. Put COURSES into Maintenance mode.
  2. Remove CONSTELLATION from Load Balancer.
    1. On COURSES-FE1 -- update /usr/local/apache2/conf/extra/courses-ssl.conf
    2. Comment out: "BalancerMember"
    3. Restart apache on COURSES-FE1
  3. Create backups
    1. On Ticonderoga. "mysqldump -p courses13 > courses13_MMDD.sql"
    2. On Enterprise (in /disks/www): "cp -rp courses13 courses13_MMDD"
  4. Upgrade
    1. Within /disks/www/courses13
    2. git status
      1. Review files not accounted for (these are files we have added that are not part of Moodle distritubtion.
      2. Remove ones no longer needed
      3. Make note of files that have been updated by us (copy list into notepad).  Most should be from the theme (formal_white), but changes have also been made to CAS, ldap, lesson, report.  Once update complete, can re-copy changes from backup created in 3.2
    3. git pull
      1. It may complain about updated files that can't be merged.  Will have to deal with these.
      2. An option that seems ok is to do "git commit -a" which seems to force the updates, but should compare the files afterwards with the backup to verify none of our customizations were lost
      3. If things get messed up, recopy backup from 3.2 and restart at 4.2
      4. For the formal_white theme, simplist option is just ro remove the the formal_white theme director entirely, complete the git pull and database updates and put ours back once upgrade is complete
    4. Review un-reconciled / updates files to make sure our updates are still present
    5. Make final updates through courses web site
      1. Once back on site as admin, it should take you to a page saying the database needs to be updated
      2. Go through those steps to upgrade the core db and and plug-ins
    6. Copy our formal_white theme back under the themes directory.
  5. Restart Apache
  6. Take courses out of maintenance mode
  7. Force an rsync run to copy updated courses13 directory over to constellation (see cron job for rsync command)
  8. Restart apache on Constellation
  9. Put Constellation back into load balancer.


5/9/2013.  Took a couple wrong turns, but overall went fairly smoothly.  Took about 1.5 hours to do the upgrade.