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Date Requester Problem Description Notes Solved
06/14/12 ITG Rubrics do not show for students (SOLVED) Rubrics do not show for students prior to the submission of an assignment. The update to courses-pilot should fix the issue.  Moodle20 now has the option of allowing students to view the rubric prior to submitting the assignment.  However, I have tried testing this option out and still do not see the rubric after selecting that setting.

Yes-Navigation block as to be added to assignment for students to see.  In the Nav. block under the assignment is "submissions grading" which the student clicks on and views the rubric.  

Moodle is working to improve rubric location:

6/14/12 ITG

Certificate Error


Error when selecting for teacher to get an email notification.  Also, when selecting that the student gets emailed the certificate AOL is the course having the issue.  Lynn Beason is ok with not having this feature working Yes
6/14/12 ITG Unable to add new blocks to front page Not able to add additional blocks to front page. We are not able to add new blocks to the front page of courses-pilot.  However, we can to Moodle20.  
6/14/12 ITG New blocks in moodle20 will not display on mymoodle page   There is a new block titled resources that has been added to MyMoodle in Moodle20.  It will not display when I log in as student/teacher.  
6/6/12 Rene' Table controls are missing When trying to edit a table in the text editor the table advanced controls are not there.

You are still able to edit a table but all the extra controls that used to be there in 1.9 are no longer there.

6/6/12 Rene' Text Editor Size The text editor box is too big for the content area.  The box gets cut off. Temporary solution is to zoom out of the browser and it displays. Yes, working correctly now.
6/6/12 Amber Scroll Bars When viewing students in the gradebook the left and right scroll bar is at the bottom of the page.  You have to scroll down before you see it. Solution right now is to limit the number of students on a page so you do not have to scroll  
5/8/12 Amber Forum Approval Amber is needing to have the forum approval as was in 1.9 Amber is currently looking into Q & A Forum to see if that will work.  She wants to implement the forum approval so students do not see posts until they post their own.  
6/13/12 Amber Missing IPs IP addresses are missing when viewing quiz attempts

Ex: HLTH 231-399 (2012B) Chapter 1 Quiz.  When viewing the attempts some students are missing an IP address


Yes, Arlen fixed this.
6/6/12 Amber Activity Reports Activity Reports does not show up like it did in 1.9

When clicking on participants in a course and selecting a participant their is a tab at the top of the page titled Activity Reports and allows us to view 5 different reports.  This is not displayed in Moodle 2.  There is an Activity Report link in 2.0, but it only shows Today's Logs.

Screenshot of 1.9 Link

Screenshot of Report 1.9

Screenshot of 2.0 Link

Screenshot of Report 2.0

6/04/12   View of Enrolled Users Does not give a breakdown of students, teachers, etc enrolled in course.  Just gives a combined list of everyone. In 1.9 you could click on assign roles and choose to view those listed as students, teachers, etc.  In 2.0 you have to click on enrolled users and only see list of everyone.  
6/19/12 Amber Teachers unable to see full profile of students When a teacher selects a student from the participant's link they are unable to see the "view full profile link" under the student's information.

I researched this and have changed permissions so that teachers should be able to view it.  However, the only way it shows up is if you give the user teacher access on the system level which is not what we want to do.


08/07/23 Amber Calendar for Assignments and Quizzes is a month ahead  

Below are a couple of links that have been solutions for others having this problem:

Yes-It's working correctly now.
08/10/12 Amber Moodle App Moodle App only works with Manual Accounts An error is received when trying to log into the Moodle App using NetID and Password  
08/27/12 Blake Respondus CAS login in Respondus not working When logging into CAS using Respondus it does not work.  It does work with manual accounts