1. Move current directory to new location
  2. Unzip new version into correct director
  3. Copy add-ons from old that are not in the new
    1. Blocks: attendance, course_menu, side_bar
    2. Modules: attendance, certificate, hotpot, journal, nanogong, questionnaire, (respondus*)
    3. Confirm there are no others
    4. Also need to copy over theme, but our theme is out of whack with the moodle so has to be moved after upgrade complete
  4. Trigger upgrade by going to "Notifications"
    1. upgrade system
    2. upgrade modules

Moving Updated site to courses.education.tamu.edu

  1. Take Constellation out of load balancer on courses-fe1
  2. Make sure CAS settings in new site updated to use correct version of CAS (i.e. change from CAS-DEV to CAS is needed)
  3. Adjust config.php in new site
  4. Rearrange apache config as needed
  5. Apply Customizations (See customization page for details)


  1. apparently, we can only have one respondus per site.  So, if upgrading something other than courses.education must hold off on respondus until new site moved to courses.education
  2. I eventually had to uninstall respondus and then reinstall to get it to work.