Initial Setup

On Enterprise

  1. Create courses14
  2. Within courses14,
    1. git clone git:// (will download latest into subdir "moodle")
    2. cd moodle
    3. git branch -a
    4. git branch --track MOODLE_25_STABLE origin/MOODLE_25_STABLE
    5. git checkout MOODLE_25_STABLE
    6. Move contents of "moodle" to parent dir (courses14)
    7. remove "moodle" subdir
    8. Copy config.php from courses13, comment out proxy stuff
  3. Repeat for moodle14
  4. Add Apache configuration files
  5. Add NIM names ( and
  6. Request CAS-DEV authorization for and

On Ticonderoga

  1. Add databases on Ticonderoga (CREATE DATABASE courses14/moodle14 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT COLLATE utf8_general_ci;)
  2. Grant permissions: grant all on courses14.* to 'cehdmoodle'@'%'; (and moodle14)

Through a browser

  1. Go to site url (using since NIM address is not yet active)
  2. If pass tests, go through rest of install process

Add CEHD customizations

  1. Theme
    1. copy formal_white from courses13
    2. configure theme settings by copying from courses13
    3. make formal_white the default theme
  2. Modules

See for database schema info.

Setup Authentication

  • Enable CAS
  • There is a warning about PHP LDAP module not being present.  This is ok.  We use simple CAS authentication but load user information ourselves.
  • CAS Settings
    • CAS Server: OR
    • CAS URL: cas/
    • CAS Port: 443
    • CAS Logout option: Yes
    • Multi-authentication: On (value=1)
    • Rest can be left blank/default
  • Create initial admin accounts
  • Setup

To see CAS Configuration Settings in the Database

  • select * from mdl_config_plugins where plugin like '%cas%'