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Site Administration --> Appearance --> Navigation --> Default Home Page for Users = "My Moodle"

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Enabled Statistics (Site Administration->Advanced Features-->Statistics (See Moodle Statistics)




  • Can not write database session - please verify max_allowed_packet is at least 4M!



  • max_allowed_packet=32M in my.cnf


SoftChalk Cloud

SoftChalk was installed on on 10/19/12.  Further information can be found by clicking here.

Other references

The original legacy roles were intended as a short term workarounds, soon we discovered we actually need to use them for setting up of defaults and resetting of roles.
Role archetype can be specified in a new field in role table. The difference is that the code is significantly simplified and it is not possible to use the legacy capability checks at all (we have to finally solve all legacy problems).
We already have defaultfrontpage role setting, but most admins do not know what to set there, this is a major roles for activities like forum or new on the frontpage.