Upgrading Moodle

Use the same process for upgrading moodle13 or courses13



  • remove constellation from load balancer
  • login to moodle
  • Go to Site Administration --> Plugins --> Plugin Overview
    • Upgrade any plugins.  Here are the ones found this time
    • Attendance
      • cd mod/attforblock
      • git pull
      • cd block/attendance
      • git pull
    • Certificate
      • cd mod/certificate
      • git pull
      • On Plugin Overview page, click "Check for available updates" to see if database updates needed
    • Journal
      • git pull -- updated moodle itself not just journal
      • With moodle itself, go to Notifications, and follow the steps to upgrade the database
      • Still didn't have the latest journal mod, so had to do a manual install:
        • git clone git://github.com/dmonllao/moodle-mod_journal mod/journal
        • git branch -a
        • git branch --track MOODLE_23_STABLE origin/MOODLE_23_STABLE
        • git checkout
        • git pull
      • Reloaded plugin list and now it shows journal is up-to-date
    • questionairre
      • git pull showed it was up-to-date
      • Manually reinstall
      • Go to Notifications page to check for needed DB updates, run update
    • Reloaded plugins page, no plugin updates needed
  • Reapply any customizations that were overwritten
    • Conflicts shown during update were ldap/auth.php and theme/formal_white/lstyle/pagelayout.css
      • ldap/auth.php --> re-comment out restriction that prevents renamins of usernames
      • pagelayout.css is the file causing the layout shift.  Reverted to our (working) version of the file


  • remove constellation from load balancer
  • login to moodle
  • put site into maintenance mode
  • Go to /disks/www/courses13
  • git pull
    • had to move auth/ldap/auth.php to allow for pull
  • Go to notifications page to set new settings
  • Go to notifications page to update database
  • Related notifications page and showed additional updates -- apply updates
  • Once updates, go to plugins overview page to look for plugins needing updates
  • Since I already updated moodle13, copy updated module code from moodle13 to courses13
    • certificate
    • journal
    • questionnaire
  • Reload plugins page to confirm no more updated available
  • Go to notifications page to update DB
  • Remove from maintenance mode
  • rsync to constellation
  • put constellation back into load balancer


General GIT instructions

  • Installation
    • git clone git://GITURL FOLDER
    • cd FOLDER
    • git branch -a [determine most recent/correct branch
    • git branch --track MOODLE_XX_STABLE origin/MOODLE_XX_STABLE
    • git checkout
  • Updating
    • git pull
  • To move to new branch?
    • git fetch (to update list of available branches
    • git branch --set-upstream MOODLE_24_STABLE origin/MOODLE_24_STABLE
    •  git checkout MOODLE_24_STABLE

Non-Core Modules Used in Courses 13

  • cd blocks/attendance; git pull
  • cd mod/attforblock; git pull
  • cd mod/hotpot; git pull



  • git
    • Module and block parts
    • git clone git://github.com/andreev-artem/moodle_mod_attforblock.git mod/attforblock
    • git clone git://github.com/andreev-artem/moodle_blocks_attendance.git blocks/attendance


Hot potatoes quiz



  • Available for Moodle 2.0
  • MEFB 460, EDCI 617-600 (M Capraro)
  • Installed July 2012
  • git repository not found
  • See sub-page



Non-Core Blocks