Module Review

Email based registration


Process Flow


  1. Enable email based registration
  2. Enable Recaptcha.

common settings for authentication

  1. Enable "self registration" selecting "Email-based self-registration".
  2. Set up Recaptcha
    1. Visit
    2. Generate Recaptcha keys () - Copy public key and private key to moodle's setting screen, and save changes.

files overview

New files:


Modified files


Contents of modification

The changes are similar to that of courses12.

For new files, check svn revision 8.

For modified files, check svn revision 9.

Courses > Enrollment setting

  1. Enable External Database
enrol_dbtype = mysql
enrol_dbhost = 
enrol_dbuser = cehdmoodle
enrol_dbpass = ******
enrol_dbname = courses13
enrol_dbtable = cehd_enrollment
enrol_localcoursefield = shortname
enrol_localuserfield = username
  1. Add cehd_enrollment table
\u courses13
create table cehd_enrollment (
    id int auto_increment primary key,
    course varchar(100),
    user varchar(100),
    role varchar(100),
    email varchar(100)
grant all privileges on cehd_enrollment to 'cehdmoodle'@'%';
flush privileges;

Forum Post Approval *

  • Have to be rewritten.
  • used in many courses in courses 12
  • UGST 181-506 (2011C),MEFB 460-501/503 (2011C),KINE/HLTH 214-599 (2011C),KINE 311-500 (2011C),EDCI 617-600 (2011C),HLTH 210-502 (2011C),HLTH 334-598 (2011C),HLTH 335-599 (2011C),HLTH 342-599 (2011C),HLTH 353-599 (2011C),HLTH 611-700/720 (2011C),EDAD 605-700 (2011C),HLTH 403-599 (2011C),HLTH 429-599 (2011C),EHRD 473-520 (2011C)
  • The built-in Q&A forum type is very similar to what Amber needs.  It should be adaptable to her needs.

Quiz Overview With IP

  • The base module, overview's Structure has changed. Overviewwithip needs to be re-created.
 moodle 1.9: overviewgraph.php  overviewsettings_form.php  report.php
 moodle 2.2: db/  lang/  overviewgraph.php  overviewsettings_form.php  overview_table.php  report.php  version.php


Trackpad *

  • No moodle 2 version
  • Many VICP courses


Journal Text Length

mdl_journal_entries.text is of "text" type, and it allows only 64K characters. This silently truncates longer submissions, as documented in The field was changed to "mediumtext" data type as of Mar 28, 2012.

alter table mdl_journal_entries change text text mediumtext;


Modules Installed in Moodle 2


Hot potatoes quiz


  • The Journal Module has been disabled during install by default since Moodle 1.5 (when all Journals were converted to Online Assignments) NOTE: From Moodle 2.0 you will no longer find the Journal module installed by default as part of your CVS version of Moodle. You'll need to install it separately from contrib
  • One course in VICP ( formative eval) uses this module.


  • Available for Moodle 2.0
  • MEFB 460, EDCI 617-600 (M Capraro)
  • Installed July 2012


  1. download url:
  2. unzip under mod
  3. go to admin, have installed.


  1. This requires Questionnaire module installed.
  2. download url:
  3. Unzip under /blocks
  4. go to admin url, have it installed.Activities

Modules Not Needed for Moodle 2



realtime attendance

Realtime Quiz

  • Not moodle 2 version
  • Not used in courses12.


modification to restore.php

raise_memory_limit('128M'); to 

Rubric (assignment)

  • Rubric in moodle 2.2 is part of the core.
  • Old rubric (3rd party contribution) cannot be restored to courses13 through backup and restore process.
  • Instructors will have to re-define rubrics using the new rubric system.
  • Instructors will have to test rubrics so the new rubric meets their needs.

Decimal Grading for Rubric

  • It has to be tested. If decimal grading is not possible, we will need to modify the system.


Nothing needs to be done. There is one change for Non-SSL connections (see below)

Changes to enable back-end NON-SSL connections

  • It has to be added and tested.
  • lib/javascript.php
  • lib/weblib.php
  • auth/cas/CAS/CAS/client.php
  • Action: hold until we are ready to switch configuration.

Confusion due to CAS login

  • Change in login/index.php from if($user) to if($user && $user->id != 0) to avoid going into mustconfirm block, right after update_login_count()
  • Action: hold

Course Menu

Installed. There may be considerable changes, so admin should test these local requirements:

  • In the tree, chapter title should not be truncated( ending with ...). Show full title.
  • In the tree, each section should open the page, with only the relevant section open and others folded.
  • If a section is "hidden" by the instructor, it should not show in the tree.
  • If a node is "hidden", the tree highlights the wrong (the next) node. See Yolanda's description here Course Menu: Wrong Node Highlighted .

Instructors need to confirm it works as expected.

HTML block

Try adding, no problem expected


  • No problem expected.
  • Used in
 EHRD 473-521 (2011A)             20 
 VICP (Formative Evaluation)     109 
 VICP (2011)                     110 
 PACT                            113 
 EDAD 605-700 (2011C)_1          233 
 EHRD 473-501 (2011C)            226 
 EHRD 477-500 (2011C)            169 
 TDPC1                           239 
 TDPC6                           244 
 EPSY 622-699/700 (2012A)        269 
 DCED 302-599 (2012A)            352 


Test with Paola. No problem expected.


No problem expected

Forum Post Approval

Patch not available for moodle 2. College has to create one.


No problem expected.

Quiz Overview with IP

College responsible

Realtime Quiz

  • Not used in any course on courses12
  • Test. Should work with moodle 2, but there's no backup/restore support yet.
 by Davo Smith - Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 04:12 AM
 There is a Moodle 2.0 version here:
 Unfortunately it is not quite complete - it does not allow images to be added, nor does it include backup/restore  
 code (but everything else *should* work fine).


  • not available in moodle 2
  • Used by Priya Kurup, in
226 EHRD 473-501 (2011C)
169 EHRD 477-500 (2011C)

Realtime Attendance

  • Not available in moodle 2
  • Used by
226 EHRD 473-501 (2011C)
169 EHRD 477-500 (2011C)


  • Not available in moodle 2
  • Used in
VICP (Formative Evaluation)     109 
VICP (2011)                     110 
VICP (2012)                     251


  • Not available in moodle 2
  • Used in
MEFB 460-501/503 (2011C)     118 
Mañihuales project           236 
EDCI 617-600 (2011C)         140


  • Official moodle 2 version available
  • Should be tested.
  • Used in
A0101_5                  64 
A0101_4                  68 
HLKN Advising            98 
AO101                   103 
AO102                   104 
AO106                   106 
HLKN_ELL                111 
OMT101                  114 
TDPC6                   244 
TDPC1                   239 
TDPC3                   241 
AO104                    81 
AO105                    82 
AO103                   105

Online Testing

Should be upgraded to 2.0 and tested.


  • Not available for moodle 2
  • Used in Mañihuales project 236