Local Backup Fails

# 20120306
# Paola tried to back up pp2011 course from courses13. The setting was no user data/blocks/activities/filters.

On the second page into backup, there were lots of javascript warnings. There were 10 topics in the original course. The backup was very slow, and at some point showed "the script is busy, do you want to stop" popup. It eventually ran to the end, but resulted in 990 topics - after the first 10 valid topics, all others were anonymous, like "topic 13".

We can uncheck each topic, but it is very slow to get one box unchecked (the browser hangs).

The browser was Firefox 8. We tested it on two machines.

This problem seemed limited to a particular course.  We decided to just assume the course itself was corrupted and rebuild it.

Assignment Error

  • We found a case where a student opened an assignment and received an error (debug enabled showed feedback_file->is_empty error regarding stdClass vs. boolean.
  • This appeared to be resolved by turning off the feedback via file setting under assignment settings and then re-enabling it.
  • This could have been the result of the upgrade process