CEHD Default Settings

Default Home

  • Site Administration --> Appearance --> Navigation --> Default Home Page for Users = "My Moodle"

Done for courses13new (RAS - 7/25/2012)

Advanced Features

Site Administration->Advanced Features

  • Enable Statistics.(set to true, See Moodle Statistics)
  • Enable Web Services (set to true)
    • I am speculating this could be needed for iPhone app.  Need to further investigate.

Done for courses13new (RAS - 7/25/2012)

Max Upload Size

  • Need the server wide upload size to be high to allow for course restores, but individual course limits should be kept fairly low when possible
  • Set php.ini file (see the php info page to determine the one being used) has
    • post_max_size = 100M
    • upload_max_filesize = 100M
  • Site Administration --> Server --> Site Policies should list max upload as Server Limit
  • Must be done on each server
  • Done for courses13new on Constellation (RAS - 7/25/2012)

Password Policies

  • Set minimum Non-alphanumeric characters to 0 (i.e., not required to have punctuation in addition to number, lower and upper case characters
    • Site Administration --> Server --> Site Policies: Non-alphanumeric characters = 0

Done for courses13new (RAS - 7/25/2012)


  • Site Administration --> Authentication --> Manage Authentication
  • Enable CAS
  • Non-Default Settings
    • Host name: cas.tamu.edu
    • Base URI: cas/

Done for courses13new (RAS - 7/25/2012)



(This is from Ben Kim, not sure if this is important to us but leaving it in case the issue arises.  I have not made the noted modification on our sites.)
In front page setting, moodle 2 shows "Authenticated User on Front Page Role" as the default, and does not show "None". This is different from Moodle 1.9.
We can modify the page to show "none" in the dropdown, but it seems moodle folks wanted to specifically make "Authenticated User on Front Page Role" the default, rather than "none".
The design seems to expect us to customize this "Authenticated..." role the way we want it. 
To enable logged-in users to participate in front page activities, a default front page role can be set. In Moodle 2, there is an Authenticated User on Front Page Role to which specific permissions can be granted for specific purposes. Alternatively, more than one Custom Role can be created to offer a number of different options for Admins to use in a variety of combinations that provide a great deal more flexibility on the Front Page.
Note: The default Front Page role should never be set to Guest. Ostensibly, this implies that as few courses will allow Guest access, a user will try to log in, but as a Guest they cannot actually see courses.

CEHD Modification

We should test out "None" or "Authenticated User on Front Page Role". For this purpose, we need to enable "None". The following modification is made.
Commented out this line
in admin/settings/frontpage.php
"Authenticated User on Front Page Role" is id 8 in mdl_role table, and has the archetype value of "frontpage". That's why it becomes the default selection.