Transition Plan

Moodle cutover procedure and checklist

shutdown courses (courses11)

  • Move courses address to courses12
  • Start courses11 site, with ssl
  • Check certificate and intermediate certificate.
  • Turn off CAS.
  • Turn off cron task when Yolanda's team confirms it can be frozen.
  • Turn off web backup when Yolanda's team confirms it can be frozen.
  • Turn off db backup when Yolanda's team confirms it can be frozen.
  • Courses11 should run for some while allowing teachers to revise grades, since there can be grade disputes.


  • Change wwwroot and httpswwwroot from courses12 to courses
  • CAS HOST should be
  • Find all references to courses12 and replace them with courses.
  • Start courses address and reset router cache by pulling network cable.
  • The new site (courses) should work without any change. However, make sure it works.
  • Make sure courses certificate is installed on the new server. Make sure the intermediate cert is correctly installed.
  • Set up Enterprise to respond to courses address, as fallback plan for load balancer failure.
  • Turn on admin cron task.
  • Copy video files in /disks/www/Video to the new server.

After move

  • Check web backup.
  • Check db backup.
  • Add load monitoring page
  • Add database load monitoring page
  • Rsync web files and moodledata to standby backup hosts (Montessori, Maslow)
  • Replicate mysql database to standby backup hosts (Montessori, Maslow)

Courses 11

  • Some instructors want access to the site, for re-grading due to dispute, etc.
  • Weekly backups will continue until Instruction Design team calls a stop.

Moodle Upgrade Plan – Summer 2011

  1. Purchase new equipment (Arlen)
    1. Moodle server (4 processors) – Enterprise
    2. Moodle DB server (2 processors) – Ticonderoga
    3. 2 small front end servers
  2. Setup courses12 on Enterprise and Constellation (Ben)
  3. Upgrade to same version of Moodle as courses12 (Ben)
  4. Setup Courses12 DB on Ticonderoga (Ben)
  5. Setup mirroring of moodledata between Enterprise and Constellation (Ben)
    1. Can the mirroring be extended to more than 2 servers?
    2. Investigate global files systems as an option for Moodle or other college uses (Jonathan)
  6. Setup redundant front end load balancers (Jonathan)
  7. Test failover process (Ben – jmeter?)
  8. Thoroughly test use of load balancing for Moodle (Ben)

2012 transition Questions

In answer to Yolanda’s inquiry, May 2011.

  • What is the schedule for moving to the new server? COURSES12 will be available for uploading courses/testing on June 1. The name will be moved to the new instance during the week following August grad.
  • What is the schedule for archiving the current academic year? COURSES11 will be archived once the COURSES name is moved to the new server.
  • Is there any maintenance or anything scheduled over the summer? We will be setting up 4 new servers over the summer to run COURSES12. These will not significantly affect the operation of COURSES12 over the summer, but there will be the need for occasional tests of various options that could disrupt its operation. We will schedule those with you when it happens. Each test will probably only last a couple hours. We will work out times with your for those tests. The purpose of these upgrades will be to add redundancy to the system. That is, individual servers can go down without affecting the operation of the system for students.
  • Some of the continuing education program want participants to be able to self-register. We do not want this option for the academic courses. What are the pros and cons of setting up an instance of Moodle specifically for continuing education programs? This could be discussed. We would need to have regular upgrade windows each year. The primary drawback is that means we would be adding an additional production copy of Moodle that would need to be monitored, updated, backed up, etc.
  • Has anyone made sure the basic functionality in Moodle 2.0 works? I had set aside time to test it and then found out I couldn't add an assignment. I plan to test it but wanted to make sure the basics functionality was operational before I set aside time.
  • My understanding is that the rubric module does not work with Moodle 2.0 as it stands now. We could setup a “clean” Moodle 2.0 install with none of the extra modules we currently use. That would allow you to test Moodle 2.0 in its core form and start investigating how important the extra modules are to people. Since we won’t be moving to Moodle 2.0 for COURSES12, we have time to investigate and even “hope” that the modules people really want are upgraded to use Moodle 2.0.