Students auto unenrolled from Fall 2011 Courses

We had an issue with students from the fall being unenrolled from courses because of a server setting that auto-unenrolled after 120 days of inactivity.

Issues from NFS

NFS client setup

  • Open firewall
  • "sync" option should not be used because it fatally slows down any nfs write.

modification to restore.php

Because of the nfs, the "restore" takes longer.

In backup/restore.php, to compensate the delay in using NFS, change line 144 from

 raise_memory_limit('128M'); to 


Rubric (assignment)

1.9, but the latest official download is from August 2008.

ALTER TABLE mdl_assignment ADD rubricid BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 after id  
ALTER TABLE mdl_assignment ADD data1 TEXT after var5  
SHOW INDEX FROM mdl_assignment   CREATE INDEX mdl_assi_rub_ix ON mdl_assignment (rubricid)  
CREATE TABLE mdl_assignment_submission_specs ( id BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, submissionid BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL, rubricspecid BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL, value BIGINT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, description TEXT, CONSTRAINT PRIMARY KEY (id) )  
CREATE INDEX mdl_assisubmspec_sub_ix ON mdl_assignment_submission_specs (submissionid)  
CREATE INDEX mdl_assisubmspec_rub_ix ON mdl_assignment_submission_specs (rubricspecid)  
CREATE TABLE mdl_assignment_rubric ( id BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', creatorid BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL, courseid BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL, points BIGINT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, timemodified BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PRIMARY KEY (id) )  
CREATE INDEX mdl_assirubr_cre_ix ON mdl_assignment_rubric (creatorid)  
CREATE INDEX mdl_assirubr_cou_ix ON mdl_assignment_rubric (courseid)  
CREATE TABLE mdl_assignment_rubric_specs ( id BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL, rubricid BIGINT(10) unsigned NOT NULL, treeorder MEDIUMINT(5) unsigned NOT NULL, name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', notes TEXT, points BIGINT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, parent MEDIUMINT(5) unsigned NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PRIMARY KEY (id) )  
CREATE INDEX mdl_assirubrspec_rub_ix ON mdl_assignment_rubric_specs (rubricid)  


Quickform problem

Once we install the rubric, it causes this error:

 Fatal error: Call to undefined method MoodleQuickForm_advselect::MoodleQuickForm_advselect() 
 in /moodle/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/element.php on line 363 

Edit /mod/assignment/form/advselect.php. Uncomment class constructor method.

/* function MoodleQuickForm_advselect($elementName=null, $elementLabel=null, $options=null, $attributes=null)
MoodleQuickForm_select::MoodleQuickForm_select($elementName, $elementLabel, $options, $attributes);
} //end constructor */


Rubric Not showing Assignment problem

On courses12, HLTH210, "Philosophy paper" assignment, Jennifer Pickett's assignment was not submitted yet but the instructor wants to grade it (update). The rubric does not show, giving this error message.

 There was an error accessing assignment rubric information. Invalid grade (graded=1 assid=781 rubricid=72).

This problem does not happen for another student Camile Doster who has also not submitted it yet.

Decimal Grading for Rubric


+$string['decimal_grading'] = 'Use Decimal Grading';


    function parseData($get){
       foreach($get as $key => $value){
               case 'p':   // points
                   $i = substr($key, 2);
                   $data[$i]->points = clean_param($value, PARAM_NUMBER);

The original is PARAM_INT, but this truncates decimals into an int.


  • Create a course
  • Create an assignment, single file upload, with a rubric that has decimal points
  • Grade
  • Update
  • See all course grades


At one point, we get this mail error. It's resolved after sendmail reload without any configuration change.

The original message was received at Mon, 5 Sep 2011 16:00:06 -0500
from localhost.localdomain []
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> ******>
  (reason: 554 Denied [SHXBL] - Denied by Spamhaus XBL - See (Mode: normal)) is listed in the XBL, because it appears in:CBL

This IP address is HELO'ing as "localhost.localdomain" which violates the relevant standards (specifically: RFC5321).