Initial Preparation Plan

  1. Once Fall 2010 is underway, the archived delivery sites ( courses09a, courses09b, courses10 ) will be moved to either the MOODLE11 VM, the COURSES09A VM, or a new VM. (which option will be determined by expected load, ease of migration, etc.)
  2. MASLOW will be wiped/OS upgraded/etc. to ready it to be a Moodle production server.
  3. The Moodle Database will be migrated from MONTESSORI to MASLOW. This should be done at latest over Christmas. I would like to do it sooner if the details can be worked out to not affect the production site for more than a few minutes.
  4. Once an alternative is found for the video stored on MONTESSORI, it needs to be wiped/upgraded so it can be primarily a production/backup moodle server.
  5. Moodle 2.0. Anytime after #1 is completed, Moodle 2.0 needs to be setup somewhere (probably on the moodle11 server) so it can be investigated.
  6. During spring 2011, we will review CONSTELLATION to determine if it needs to be upgraded for 2012.
    1. If yes, COURSES12 will be built on MONTESSORI
    2. If not, COURSES12 will be built on CONSTELLATION
    3. The decision as to whether to move to Moodle 2.0 needs to be made by May 2011.
  7. If COURSES12 needs to be placed on MONTESSORI, then MOODLE12 will likely need to be put on a new VM as well (this is needed to make sure COURSES12 and MOODLE12 are as similar as possible). If not, MOODLE12 can probably be placed on same VM as MOODLE11.
  8. Whatever decisions are made for #6 and #7, MOODLE12 and COURSES12 will be clean installs of moodle and will need to have existing courses migrated to them as was done this summer. Again, the purpose of this is to ensure we have the most stable version of moodle available and that both MOODLE12 and COURSES12 are using the same codebase.