Course Menu: Wrong Node Highlighted


  However, there is a problem with the
  course menus on that we have been working
  around.  We can continue to work around but if it is an easy fix it would
  be nice.
    To see the problem look at the `HLTH 236' on  HLTH 236 uses the chapter groupings options
  on the course menu.  To set up chapter groupings, when editing is turned
  on you should click the edit icon in the course menu block.  What is
  currently happening is that if a topic/module is hidden and it is in the
  middle of the course( like I hid the topic titled `Chapter 1 Historical .
  . .' in HLTH 236).  Now we I use the course menu it doesn't behave as
  expected.  If I click on any topic after Chapter 1 (i.e. Chapter 2) the
  correct page is displayed by the wrong item is highlighted on the course

Ben's note

The highlight is in styles.php, class selectedTopicWeek.

 select substring(summary,instr(summary,'Chapter'),80),visible from mdl_course_sections where course=5;

In content.php,

                   if (n+1 == displaySection) {
                       secRoot.labelStyle += " selectedTopicWeek";
                   if (sections[n].visible == 0) {
                       secRoot.labelStyle += " hiddenTopicWeek";