Archived Sites

Our Moodle strategy is to create a new Moodle instance each school year and archive the old instance.  This allows us to keep Apache/PHP up to date on the current site while providing access to the old sites.  Access to old sites is limited to Moodle administrators and instructors who request access

We want to keep these archived sites intact for at least five years after the year ends.  This allows any long lasting grade disputes to be resolved and to be able to get old courses for faculty.

Archived Sites

  • Courses 09A (Spring 2009, pilot semester)
  • Courses 09B (Summer 2009)
  • Courses 10 (2009-10)
  • Courses 11 (2010-11)

Audit related information

The federal regulation can be found at

Students can request grade changes for at least 1 year after then end of a course and in some cases longer.  Also, records retention requires keeping exams and papers for at least year -- so, that would be a minimum time that legally all records need to be kept.

However, it is useful to keep the courses intact longer than that so that faculty can review course material from previous semesters when putting together courses.  So, I would think 5 years would be a good max length to keep the archived moodle sites.