Advanced Setting problem

I have been checking the setting of activities in 

So far, I have noticed that in activities like forums, assignments and Quiz, the option "show advanced " is not available in the settings. 

I attached an image file for you to see it. 

These are the steps to test this:
1. log in as an admin in
2. Select a course you have access to
3. Turn editing on
4. In one of the module select Add an activity
5. Choose "forums"
6. in the setting window, scroll down
7. In the "common module settings" section
8. You should be able to see "show advanced" 

Try the same steps in, step 8 would not display.


"... will only see the advanced button in the common module settings area if you have groupings enabled on the site (Site Administration -> Miscellaneous -> Experimental -> Enable Groupings)."