All Computer List

  • Building = use the text name rather (in inventory table it will be numeric)
    • For display use text
    • 00435 = Harrington Tower
    • 00481 = Heaton
  • Valid "Record Statuses"
    • Active
    • Missing
    • Surplussed
  • Computer Status
    • Active (in possession of owner/custodian)
    • In Repair
    • To Be Surplussed (computers marked for surplus, but haven't gone yet)
    • New
  • Convert data to "Content Type"
  • Enable revision
  • General View
    • Default: Show only Record Status = Active
  • Last user to login to system = this is field from SCCM [remove from "all computers")
  • Remove "Operating System" from cehd_all_computers (data from SCCM)
  • Remove "Last user to login to system" (data from SCCM)
  • Remove "Last Login"
  • Issue to keep in mind: research purchased computer may not be in FAMIS inventory
  • Inventory Update Issue (when we update our data from FAMIS, need to account for different SN in FAMIS, ours "should" be more correct one)

Add New Record

  • Serial Number*
  • Status*
  • Department* (this field will be in both cehd_all_computers) and inventory
  • Building*
  • Room* (be in both cehd_all_computers in inventory)
  • Department*
  • Computer Type* (remove from Inventory table; pull-down, WDT, WLT, MDT, MLT
  • Owner (needs to be added); UIN and Name
  • Group (pull-down)
  • Domain (CEHD or Continuum)
  • Local Administrators
  • NetBIOS Name (also be in SCCM, alt. matching option from Serial Number)
  • Comments
  • Fields in Inventory Table that should be added when creating new computer
    • Serial Number
    • Asset Tag* (caveat -- what about non-inventoried computers?)

CEHD Inventory Table (separate from FAMIS Inventory table)

Computers not in FAMIS inventory AND those newly added, but not yet downloaded from FAMIS.

  • Department
  • Asset Tag (either A&M one or CEHD defined)
  • Serial Number
  • Description (make and model)
  • Building
  • Room
  • Other Location
  • Acquisition Date

Upload Data from FAMIS Process

  • Download data from FAMIS
  • Upload that data to the FAMIS_Inventory data
  • define this better later

Key Fields to pull from SCCM

  • Last Logged in by
  • NetBIOS Name
  • Serial Number
  • Operating System
  • Last HW Scan (WorkstationStatus table)
  • Last Communication with Client (don't know where this is recorded, if it is), but could be TimeKey within WorkstationStatus ??
  • Client Status (is the client installed)
  • Client Created data

Computer View Page

  • Pull together all related info for a given computer (form all_computers, inventory tables, SCCM)