Grad Review

General Information

  • The doctoral/grad student review is an annual process whereby all CEHD doctoral students (and some masters students) update an internal "portfolio" of their accomplishments and the their committee chair(s) review it to determine if the student is making good progress in their degree.
  • HLKN and EPSY do their evaluations in the spring
  • EAHR and TLAC do their evaluations in the fall
  • Grad Advisors (2013A): Kerri Smith, Kristi Stramaski, Joyce Nelson, Tami Hawkins

Data Design

  • DegreeProgress is primary data table

DegreeProgress Loading

  • Move the CSV file to COEDB
  • Run on it to produce FILENAME.txt
  • Run FILENAME.txt
    • This will update the existing DegreeProgress records and will add and update DegreeProgress records when degree's consistent or when no open program.
    • Will need to manually deal with people who have incompatible degrees

DegreeProgress Data Rules

Data rules to be enforced

  • Each student can only have one DegreeProgress record per degree level (Masters, Doctoral, NDS)
  • Degree in DegreeProgress can be updated with a DegreeProgress record as long as it is for the same level. Otherwise, create new record

Committee Data Loading

  • From Compass Reports, download PDF of SRC_AL_GRAD_COMM_ED
  • Copy and paste from PDF into Excel
  • Sort to find/delete header and footer rows (look between department listings to find them)
  • Text to Columns
    • Use delimited with a SPACE to separate data

Need to massage the data to get the columns to line up as a result of some people having middle initials and some not

  • Fix instructor name columns
    • Sort by column D, then E to look for the M, CH, CO indicators. (Be sure to get all columns, there may be a column with only 1 or 2 data pieces)
    • Move columns to the right where the M, CO, CH are in column D
    • Check for people with 4 names and combine down to 3 (eg., Christine Anne Marie Stanley)
    • Check for people with no Membership type (Ron Zellner has one)
    • When finished Column E should be exclusively the membership type (M, CH, CO)
  • Fix student name columns (similar to faculty)
  • Adjust last two columns to account for those without an concentration
    • Sort by dept, move to the right those rows without an entry under department
  • Arrange columns in the following order:

UIN, StudentLName, StudentFName, StudentMName, FacultyLName, FacultyName, FacultyMName, Role, Class, Deg, Dept, Conc1, Major

  • Copy data from Excel to .txt file (tab-delimited) in compass/Committees
  • Run

Took about 1 1/2 hours, 7/26/2010