Stakeholder Evaluations


The purpose of stakeholder evaluations in the College of Education and Human Development is to allow feedback from the various constituencies (i.e., stakeholders) regarding an employee's performance during the past year. These polls are done as part of the annual performance review process of all college staff.  The stakeholder process is as follows/ (all web links referenced are provided at the bottom of the page)

  1. The supervisor (in conjunction with the employee) determines the questions to be asked on the poll.  
    • See the "list of exising forms" to see the general format for these polls.
    • A "Question Pool" is provided to keep the questions consistent.  However, if there is a unique situation that requires a new question, contact Arlen Strader ( with the new question. All questions are rated on a scale of Unsatisfactory, In development or Improvement Needed, Achieves, Exceeds Expectations, and Exemplary with an option for Insufficient Information.
    • All polls end with the following four open-ended questions and one overall rating.
      • Identify specific concerns of the services provided. (If you marked a question with "Does not Meet Expectations" or "Needs Improvement," give examples.) 
      • Identify specific strengths of the services provided. (If you marked a question with "Exemplary," give examples.)
      • Do you have specific recommendations about services provided?
      • Overall comments
      • How would you rate the overall service and quality of work? (Rate from Poor to Excellent)
  2. The supervisor (in conjunction with the employee) determines the stakeholder list who will complete the survey.  This is done separate from this system. 
  3. The supervisor modifies the questions as needed.
    1. From the "Supervisor page" select the pencil icon next to the employee to edit the poll.
    2. The supervisor should delete all previous submissions before opening the new evaluation.  Click "Delete Responses" next to the heading "Number of Responses."   This will ensure that only new responses for the current year will be included in the report.
    3. The supervisor can add additional comments/instructions to appear above or below the evaluation, set the dates for when the poll will be available, etc.  Be sure to click "Create/Update Poll" to save any changes.
    4. On the question section of the page, the supervisor can rearrange questions, remove questions from the poll, or add questions from the question pool.  All changes are immediate.  There is no need to save changes to questions.
    5. Be sure to view the poll when complete to verify it looks as expected.  Use the link near the top of the edit poll page -- not the "Preview" link.  This is the same link stakeholders will use.
  4. When satisfied with the poll, send the link to the poll to the stakeholders you chose via email with any additional information you desire.
  5. When stakeholders have completed the surveys, the supervisor can view the results at the supervisor page by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the employee.