Faculty A-1s

Faculty A-1s are the annual performance review for faculty in the college.  The Online A-1s are being used by all four departments.  It collects many types of activities done by faculty including publications, presentation, research, teaching, advising and service activities.


Teaching/Instruction Category 1

  • The switches between file upload box and upload file display are clumsy. It currently uses toggling visibility, but that leaves blank space when marked invisible. An attempt of using display inline/none for the current_upload section didn't seem to work in that it wiped out the div sections below it as well.


The base element of most A1 data are "Indicators." An indicator is just an individual piece of faculty performance data. For example, a publication or a grant or a editorship or a course taught. The fields of an indicator are:

  • IndicatorType (This is a grouping of indicators. It is generally divided by page so that all indicators in the group can be easily display.)
  • IndicatorName (This is a bolded heading for the indicator display.)
  • IndicatorDesc
  • IndicatorOrder
  • Departments
Adding an indicator:
insert into "A1_IndicatorTypes" ("IndicatorType","IndicatorName","IndicatorDesc","IndicatorOrder","Departments") values ('Advising', 'Category 3. PhD Dissertation/EdD Record of Study committee Member',,3,'TLAC');