EPSY Grad Application

The EPSY Graduate Application site is the departmental application for all incoming EPSY graduate students.  The site collects general information, program specific information (based on the program for which the prospective student is applying), letters of recommendation and other documentation.  The administrative portion of the site allows the EPSY graduate advisor and designees to review the list of applications, to add additional documents to applications and to change the application status (e.g., in progress, ready for review, accepted, denied).  Program coordinators and other designated faculty are also able to review applications as part of the acceptance process.

Programs Offered

  • Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.)
  • School Psychology (M.Ed.)
  • Cognition, Creativity, Intelligence and Development (M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D.)
  • Educational Technology (M.Ed.)
  • Research, Measurement and Statistics (M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D.)
  • Learning and Technology (Ph.D.)
  • Online BCBA Program (M.Ed.)
  • Special Education (Ph.D.)
  • Bilingual Education (Ph.D.)
  • Online Bilingual Education (M.Ed., M.S.)


Records Retention Statement

  • Paper copies of each application are printed and stored by the department.  These paper copies are the "Official Record."
  • The electronic version kept on file are designated as "Convenience Copies" by the department.  They can be modified/removed as needed.
  • Documentation


Departmental Contact

  • Graduate Advisor.  Kristi Stramaski