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HRD Minor Application (Discontinued)

List of Applications

  • A list of submitted applications should be provided to advisors.
  • The list shall show links to each student's printable application.
  • The list shall show links to evaluation of each application.
  • If the user is the main evaluator, the list shall also show links to decision page.


  • When a student submits an application, the printable format of the application (as shown to the student in the form of a web page) shall be captured into a page string and stored into the database, using a printable template.
  • Student can save application as many times as s/he wants. Saving an application does not submit it. Submit is a separate button and process.
  • Before the application is submitted, the page string will be updated whenever the student updates her/his record and re-generates the printable format page.
  • Once the application is submitted, the student's printable format page will be generated from the last saved printable pagestring.

Requirement changes

  • The latest version is established in December 2010.
  • When the requirements change, the printable template changes. So, pagestring should not be updated once an application is submitted.
  • Review page should also follow the version changes.
  • All pre-Aug 2011 submissions will not have any evaluation page. (They are considered concluded.)


The decision was not fed back to the database before Fall 2011. EAHR reviewed past data in September 2011, and the data was updated.

Evaluation of Change of Minor Applications

  • There are five(5) reviewers - Ann Gundy, Judy Sandlin, Helen Muyia, and Shailen Singh.
  • These reviewers will be in EAHR/majorreviewe auth_groups. (They are the same as Change of Major review group, so there's no separate group for Minor review.)
  • Each reviewer will see the student data. Reviewer can see her/his comments and assigned scores any time, but not others'.
  • Reviewer can edit her/his review even after the review. However, the reviewer's score will be freeze-captured in the decision record. (DecisionDataFreeze) for audit trail.
  • Ann Gundy is the main evaluator, and has the authority to grant or deny admission.
  • Main Evaluator shall be able to see all others' comments and scores.
  • Main Evaluator shall be given a screen to "accept or deny" the application.
  • Once accepted or denied, the decision shall be shown on the list screen.
  • The evaluation form shall show the following:

Student data section

  UIN, Name, Date Submitted, TAMU email, Alternate Email, GPA, Major, and whether the Major is a University Studies Major (in which case the student needs to have two Minors, and we want to know about the student's other (2nd) Minor), Total Hours, and grades on required courses.

Reviewer section

  Persuasiveness with assigned score, Writing quality with assigned score, and Reviewer's Comments

Decision and Follow up section - Database fields are in [].

Decision [Decision]
Decision Comments [Notes]
Letter sent [LetterSentDate]
Attended Orientation Meeting [DidAttendOrientation]
Submitted Paperwork (date) [DidSubmitPaperwork]
Reviewers' scores [DecisionDataFreeze]
Whether the student is added to the portal. (Yes if a program record exists)

EAHR Professional Phase Application


  • EAHRProfPhaseApps
  • EAHRStudents


  • If student submits with "Complete and Submit" button, the page is locked. It will cause SubTime to be set.
  • If SubTime is not null, the page is considered "locked".
  • After "complete and submit",

Evaluation Criteria, Aug 2011

EAHR minor evaluation checklist


Student site

Course planning


Students will enter their course plans for future semesters. Advisors use the information to advise students.


TLAC advising, EPSY advising, EAHR advising


  • Student shall be able to enter their course plans for future semesters.
  • Student shall be able to change the number of semesters for the course plan.
  • Student shall be able to upload, view, and delete resumes.



Exam Eligibility (inactive)

Retired. https://db.cehd.tamu.edu/portal/conted/exam_eligibility.epl