Certification Exam Application

Certification seeking students must take certification exams as part of the process.  The college must provide lists of students and the exam(s) they are authorized to take to the state.  Students complete this form to provide the college with the information needed to submit those lists to the state.

Project Description

Two forms will be used by students to submit requests to take certification exams. A different form is used for the PPR and for the Content exams. The forms are similar except for the details about the exams being scheduled.

  • The form needs to include the test numbers as well as a double check on the student selecting the correct test and to make the process of working with the data simpler.
  • One piece of data is the SSN which must be encrypted before being stored. This will be our primary way of getting SSNs for our students.
  • If a student submits an application but is not in our database, they will need to be added. This is necessary in order to get an IID. The IID is necessary to store the SSN. It would be possible to keep this SSN in a separate location, but since will be our primary data source I think we should go ahead and store it in its final location.
  • When a new student is added through this process, an e-mail should be generated to David Castillo and Arlen Strader. This e-mail should provide the IID and UIN of the new user and an encouragement to login to the database and complete a mimimal amount of information that will be needed later in the student's certification process. In particular, the program and semester record data.
  • After submission a page should be displayed to the student with the information they submitted along with the time stamp of submission.

In addition to the student piece, an administrative section will be needed.

  • Page for David Castillo to download the data into a format needed by TEA.
  • The data should pull any additional information available from CEHDDB that will be needed. In particular, the program admission date.


  • Add program/concentration field
  • get data for examid's associated with each program
  • display the exams they will be authorized for based on their program. Provide instructions for contacting David if they need to change, add, delete default exams.

One change I need to make is to ask the student for their program/concentration. This allows me to add the student with basic information if they are not in our database. My plan is to send you an email if such a student is added so you can go in and verify the student should indeed be in the certification exam list and add any additional information needed.
Also, by asking for their program I can better specify the exams that they need to take rather than leave it them. I could then alert them to the exams they are authorized to take with your phone number/email if they need a different exam.
This is what I have for the program/concentration options and the associated exams for each. My idea would be to have the student choose their program only and then have the form grab the associated exams for them. If the student chooses one of the secondary/post-bacc options, I would have them specify the exams they want. Should any of these programs be removed from the form? Are there changes needed for the secondary options available?

Database Design

New Database Table:

CREATE TABLE "CertExamApplication" (
"ID" serial PRIMARY KEY,
"IID" int,
"UIN" int,
"Page" varchar(30),
"FirstName" varchar(50),
"MiddleName" varchar(50),
"LastName" varchar(50),
"Email" varchar(50),
"BirthDate" date,
"Phone" varchar(50),
"SecondaryField" varchar(50),
"CertificationAreas" varchar(250),
"SubmissionDate" timestamp

Other Tables Used:

FirstName, MiddleName, LastName


Function Point Analysis

Using Function Points to determine these values.

  • ILF
    • 3 ILF (CertExamApplication, Students, SSNs), 1 RET and 1,6,13 DET's respectively
    • 3 low complexity ILF
    • 21 function points
    • Students and SSN is inserted/updated for all submissions so I am including them as ILFs. Defining them as EIF's would lower the FP number by 4, but I believe this is the appropriate categorization.
  • EIF
    • 1 ILF (ProgramCandidacy). Only the admission date will be used from this table.
    • 1 low complexity ILF
    • 5 function points
  • EI
    • Two forms with approx. 13 data elements each (check boxes for certification area combined into 1)
      • Since that data must be inserted/updated into 3 different tables, I will say the FTR count is 3
      • 3 FTR / 13 DETs results in 2 High complexity EI
      • 12 function points (since the two forms are very similar this could be high)
    • Form used by Certification to extract data
      • 1 FTP / 1-2 DETs (semester needed). Low complexity EI
      • 3 function points
  • EO
    • Response page to student
      • 1 FTR, 13 data points
      • Low complexity
      • 4 function points
    • Certification report
      • 4 FTRs, 20+ DETs
      • High complexity
      • 7 function points
  • EQ
    • Will need to grab exam numbers for chosen exams, but this may be hard coded
    • Not sure what these might be at this point.

With this information, I have a total FP count of 52.