Installing a Guest OS

When installing a guest OS I had trouble getting the VM to recognize that the cdrom was bootable when attempting to install Windows 2k3 Enterprise. There is an option under the Settings section of the VM, that allows you to mount an ISO as the CDROM. Once done, I was able to boot and install Win2k3 to that VM.*

Move a machine from one VM Host to another VM Host

Take the snapshot so the main disk is freed from the vmware host server and move the vmdk and vmx files that are now static.

Once a snapshot is taken, all the updates go to the snapshot file, so the main disk is unlocked and can be copied to another server.

On the destination, edit vmx file and vmsd files.

VMWare host server has a setting preventing ssh out. It should be cleared before files can be scp'd out.

  • VMWare ESXi4.1 license (free)