2010 Server Rollover

This pages contains documentation related to the server rollover for the academic year 2010-11.


User Migration

  • Password


 Restoring a course
 Note: In Moodle 1.8.11 and 1.9.7 onwards, hashed user passwords are no
 longer saved in backup files containing user data. If a backup is
 restored to a new site, users will be asked to go through the "forgot my
 password" routine the first time they log in.
  • Disable CAS Past year's server's CAS should be disabled since students shouldn't be able to log in. CAS can be disabled in Users > Authentication > Manage Authentication.
  • Don't migrate users

Course Backup and restore

  • In administration > courses > backup, check "Active".
  • In administration > courses > backup, change number of copies to 2 if you want to keep two copies. If it's 1, the newest backup will overwrite the existing.
  • In administration > server > cleanup, change "Unsubscribe users from courses after" to "never". (Default is 120 days, and running cron with this default might delete some users.)
  • Modify backup_scheduled.php file.
    • Without modification, it will skip hidden+unmodified.
    • For the purpose of backing up all courses, comment out the logic that checks hidden+unmodified.
  • Run admin/cron.php
  • This procedure is incomplete as of Aug 2010. Some courses were not backed up.

Backup and Restore Settings

  • When copying over past courses, use these settings (Paola):
  Do not back up users data, user: None, Logs: no, User files: No, course
  files: Yes, Site files: Yes, Grade Histories: No
  For the back up of the Role assignments we select NONE.


student server

2010 courses.cehd.tamu.edu - Maslow

2011 courses.cehd.tamu.edu - Constellation

faculty server

2010 moodle.cehd.tamu.edu - Maslow

2011 moodle.cehd.tamu.edu - (new vm on MOODLE2011

developer server

2010 maslow.cehd.tamu.edu (developer) - Maslow

2011 moodledev.cehd.tamu.edu - (colocated in moodle) Moodle11

archive server

Current courses09b.cehd.tamu.edu -

 database: courses09b_archive
 path: /usr/local/apache2.2.11/htdocs/courses_09b
 conf: /usr/local/apache2.2.11/conf/courses09b.conf

New courses-archive.cehd.tamu.edu

 We will move it to the vm (

Issues for Christmas Break 2009/10

  1. Grading “upload assignment” from assignment page (ticket #16981)
  2. Grading when rubrics used from assignment page (ticket #16981, 16419)
    1. Possibly related to closed ticket #16554
  3. Partial point grades from assignment page (ticket #16981, 16419)
  4. "Item Ticket Analysis report" does not work when there are a lot of attempts” (Ticket #16760)
  5. Importing rubrics (ticket #16397)
  6. Course menu issue. (ticket #15916). I don’t see any resolution in the ticket. Was this solved?
    1. This was not solved - Yolanda
  7. Still debugging Ticket #16495