Once logged in, to see if samba, winbind, and nmb are running properly use the command:

% wbinfo –u

This should return a list of CEHD domain usernames. If it isn’t running properly, then stop all three services, and restart them in the following order: (1) nmb, (2) smb, (3) winbind. Once done, if that doesn’t work, check that the trust secret is established with the PDC using: % wbinfo –t

If that returns an error, then publicweb needs to join the domain again with the following command:

%net rpc join –S CEHDSERVER –U Install

I actually have NAGIOS set up to run through the basic restart, but when the server has to join the domain again, I’m doing that manually. Once I have some time to work out the security issues with nrpe and xinetd, I will be able to set up NAGIOS completely as a monitor of all the VMs. I just haven’t had the time to go back and look at it recently.