Help System

Technology Services uses Trouble Ticket Express (ttx) as its Help System.  TTX collects incoming help requests from e-mail and from a web form and stores them within a MySQL database (located on PUBLICDB).  Each request is assigned a ticket number and is available for review through a web interface.  A second copy of TTX is used by Accelerate Online to process information requests.
TTX is a collection of perl CGI scripts hosted on PUBLICWEB.

  • SERVICE - combination of group/category.  Purpose is to allow a user to request a particular service and have the system assign the new ticket to the correct group and category.
  • Categories are defined with the scripts so a pull-down can be used when editing the category.
  • Based on the alias used to send e-mail to the help system, the correct group can be assigned.

Current Services (5/20/2012)

  • general (Group=group1, Category=general)
  • email (Group=group1, Category=Email)
  • printing (Group=group1, Category=Printing)
  • ssnscanning (Group=group1, Category=ssnscanning)
  • webediting (Group=group1, Category=WebFTPMySQL)
  • poster (Group=group3, Category=poster)
  • moodle (Group=group3, Category=moodle)
  • classroom (Group=group3, Category=classroom)
  • insttech (Group=group3, Category=insttech)
  • commPrint (Group=group14, Category=commPrint)
  • commWeb (Group=group14, category=commWeb)
  • commVideo (Group=group14, Category=commVideo)
  • commPhoto (Group=14, Category=commPhoto)
  • commOther (Group=14, Category=commOther)
  • VICP (Group=group3, Category=VICP