Web Hosting

The CEHD uses Drupal as its primary Content Management System for web sites.  Projects, groups, individual faculty or staff can request a Drupal site.  

  • Site managers can mange the site and edit content through a web browser.
  • University branded templates are provided.  Examples (Template 1Template 2Template 3Template 4)
  • Authentication is through the A&M CAS service, but local accounts can be created for non-university personnel.
  • HTTPS  is available to sites upon request.

A stand-alone site is available if a project if the site requires specialized programming not available through Drupal.

  • access to site is through SFTP
  • very limited support is available
  • site must comply with university branding guidelines

Requests for sites must be made through the CEHD Communications Office (webmaster@education.tamu.edu).