Service Catalog and Client Portal

Technology Services utilizes a cloud service from TeamDynamix for its service/ticket management system.  This system allows us to track and resolve requests made to us.  This system also includes a Project Management component that we utilize internally to manage the various projects we have going on at any one time.

The public portion of this system (the part available to CEHD faculty, staff, and students) is located at

and includes three components.

  1. Ticketing Portal (Home)
  2. Service Catalog (Services)
  3. Knowledge Base

To gain access to all three components, you need to login using the "Sign In" link at the top right of the page.  This site utilizes A&M's Central Authentication System (CAS) for logins using your NetID and password.

Ticketing Portal (Home tab)

From this page you can view your ten most most recent open tickets.  By default, you should also see your most recently requested services as well as the services requested most by the college.  To search for previous tickets follow the "View all" link at the bottom of the list of open tickets.

Service Catalog (Services tab)

The Service Catalog is comprised of a list of categories that each contain a list of available services provided by Technology Services.  The purpose for the wide varienty of services listed is to help route requests to the correct person or group who will be able to assist your with your needs.  Submitting your request to the wrong service will still get to us, but could sit in someone's queue until they notice the mistake and reassign it to the correct person or group.    Also, for some services the request form requests additional information specific to that service.  For example, the classroom support service asks for the location of the classroom where the issue is occuring.   Another purpose of the Service Catalog is to publicize the various services provided by Technology Services.

In general, to request a service navigate to the appropriate category, open the service you need, and click the "Request Service" button on the right hand side of the service description page. 

The most common services are located under the "Help Desk" catagory and includes

  • Classroom, Conference Room and Lab Support (requests associated with problems in classrooms, labs, and conference rooms)
  • TAMU office desktop, latop, or device support (requests associated with your personally assigned computers and related devices).  Use this service to report a problem with your office computer or laptop.
  • Shared Network Folders (X-Drive).  Use this service to request a new shared folder to be used by your group or to add/remove someone from having access to the folder.
  • Technology Purchase or Quote.  Use this service to inquire about a quote for software or hardware or to start the purchasing process with us.  In most cases, you should work with your department first to determine account numbers and such before asking us to make the purchase.

Other categories include

  • Poster Printing.  Request us to print a poster for conferences and other needs.  See the service details for restrictions and procedures.
  • Web Applications.  These services include various web applications managed and/or maintained by Technology Services such as Qualtrics, the Directory of Community Resources (CDD), and PD-TRAIN (TCALL).  Assistance with the content of college web sites such as, the college web site, or department web sites should be directed to the CEHD Communications Office via
  • Facilitate University Resources.  This category includes various university services that are of special interest to the CEHD community.  Technology Services has differing involvement with these services.  In some cases, the Service Catalog just provides a link to the university service.  In other cases, requests associated with the university service needs to come through Technology Services rather than directly contacting them.
  • IT Security.  Use these services to ask a question or report an issue regarding IT Security in the college, 
  • Data Portal.  The CEHD Data Portal if a framework contains a variety of web-based applications developed and maintained by Technology Services for the college.  These applications include the CEHD directory, graduate application, student observations, and Faculty A-1s.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a series of informational and self-help documents managed by Technology Services.  Some address very specific problems we have run into and other provide broader information.  If you see incorrect or outdated information within a Knowledge Base article, you can use the "Knowledge Base" service under the Help Desk category to report the issue or just leave feedback on the article.  Your feedback will be public.  If there is an article you would like to see added (or, if you have an article you would like us to include), you can also use the Knowledge Base service request form for that.  We will review feedback and KB requests regularly and will try to get back to you with a response within a couple days.  

We have limited articles at this time, but hope to add more as time allows.

Search Bar

You can slo use the search bar at the top of the Client pages to search both the Service Catalog and Knowledge Base for information.