Mapping a Network Drive


If you do not have, but need, shared drive space on the network for your research group please contact Technology Services and include a list of people who need access to the folder.

CEHD shares are usually of the form

  • \\\Shares\DEPT\folder (for Windows) OR
  • smb:// (for Macs)

Instructions for Windows

Note. Windows Explorer - the window where you see drives, folders and files. (Start-->Computer OR the folder icon.  NOT the blue E for Internet Explorer)

To add a shortcut to a shared folder on Windows 7,

  1. If this is a new folder or you were recently added, logout of Windows and back in. (This is necessary for new permissions to take affect.)
  2. Open Windows Explorer (see above)
  3. Right click on "Computer" in the left hand menu and select "Add Netowrk Location"
  4. Click "Next" on the welcome screen
  5. Click "Choose a custom network location" and then click "Next"
  6. Type of Copy of the address (UNC) provided you for your folder and click "Next"
  7. Use the default name (recommended) or give it a new one and click "Next"
  8. Click "Finish"


  • If you have permissions to read the selected folder it will open for you.  If you do not, you will an error message "Windows cannot access \\SERVER\YOURSHARE"
  • If you still can't login, contact Technology Services with your username (CEHD username - faculty/staff or your NetID - students)
  • Once you are able to access the folder, you can right click on the shortcut or a subfolder and select ("Create Shortcut") [OR you can drag-and-drop with the right-button] and put the shortcut on your desktop or other location.

Instructions for Macs

To add a shortcut to shared folder on Macs,

  • On Macs, shared folder addresses look like smb://SERVER/sharename/folder
    • The Mac equivalent of the Windows address \\\Shares\DEPT\My_Project would be smb://
  • Once you have the folder address, go to Finder (Menu) --> Go --> Connect to Server and enter the folder address.

Connecting from Off-campus

  • Be sure to use the full server name
    • GATEWAY =
  • You must use A&M's VPN service
    • You may already have VPN installed.  Search for VPN or Cisco to check.  If not, you may need to contact Technology Services to install it for you.
    • Information about VPN can be found at or by calling A&M's Help Desk Central at 979-845-8300.

Instructions also in TeamDynamix Knowledge Base