POWER is a writing program for grad students where they can meet with other grad students and faculty for writing help/advice. Technology Services provides an online system used by students make appointments with the consultants. It is duplicate of the system used by Ben Smith for scheduling workshops.

To change appointment times for all sessions use,
mysql> update ws_sessions set end_time=date_add(end_time, interval 4 hour) where workshop_id=51;
mysql> update ws_sessions set start_time=date_sub(start_time, interval 30 minute) where workshop_id=78;

  • Adding new session to an existing workshop (85 in this example)

insert into ws_sessions (workshop_id,start_time,end_time,capacity,room,status_id)
values (85,'2011-3-28 10:00','2011-3-28 11:00',1,'Grad Student Computer Lab in READ 150',1);