Online Course Review

Are you wondering about the quality of your online course? Looking for suggestions that will benefit both you and your students?


In addition to online course design, Instructional Technology Group also provides an online course review service based on a nationally recognized set of standards founded on research and best practice for online learning.


The College of Education & Human Development is an official subscriber to Quality Matters and employs an Instructional Design Specialist who is a certified Quality Matters peer reviewer.  You can submit your course for an internal review and find ways to make your course more effective, engaging, and more enjoyable for you to deliver.  You can also submit your course for an official review and be recognized nationally as a Quality Matters approved course in higher education.


Why have your course reviewed using the Quality Matters rubric?  Quality Matters uses a set of standards that focuses on course design, not content, nor delivery.  Therefore, you can feel confident that you are working towards providing the most effective course for your students without losing the unique aspect of the course that makes it yours.


For more information on resources available for your blended or online course, contact René Mercer, Instructional Design Specialist and Certified Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, at