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Now that you have designed your course with an online component or even fully online what is next? 

The next step is to develop your course to put it on the web. The Instructional Technology Group also provides support on developing your course online

We provide support for both Moodle and eLearning course management systems (CMS).  Both of these systems allow you to organize and develop your course content to allow students to access it online.  Some features that can be created within your course include assessments, assignments, discussions and learning modules.



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Are you wondering about the quality of your online course? Looking for suggestions that will benefit both you and your students?


In addition to online course design, Instructional Technology Group also provides an online course review service based on a nationally recognized set of standards founded on research and best practice for online learning.


The College of Education & Human Development is an official subscriber to Quality Matters and employs an Instructional Design Specialist who is a certified Quality Matters peer reviewer.  You can submit your course for an internal review and find ways to make your course...

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Are you building an online or blended course?  Instructional Technology Group provides instructional design services to help you put your course online, add an online component for blended courses, or offer innovative instructional strategies to provide the most effective learning experience for your students.


  • Do you ever wonder why learners drop your online course?  Most online learners drop out of courses due to feelings of isolation.  Learn how to build a community of learners and design engaging instructional strategies and activities.


  • ...
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Technology Services offers poster printing for faculty, staff, and students in the College of Education and Human Development for educational and administrative purposes. Our office uses the HP DesignJet T770, a full-color printer with a maximum width of 42".


Before taking advantage of this service, be make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Only submit the final version of your poster. We do not perform edits.
  • Posters are printed on a 42" wide roll. There is no height limit.
  • Allow for 1/2" margin on all four sides.
  • Posters can be formatted as either a Power Point or PDF.
  • Dimensions are measured in inches.
  • Allow up to 3 business days for processing.


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