Intro to Qualtrics

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Qualtrics is a web-based data collection  and analysis application that is available to all faculty, staff, and students in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). Qualtrics is comprised of a survey construction tool, a comprehensive distribution tool, several results/analysis tools, and a panel management tool.


Qualtrics allows users to create surveys from scratch or use surveys from Qualtrics’ extensive survey library. Qualtrics has 17 question types categories including several interactive question types that allow one to ask a question in over 100 different ways. Surveys can be distributed from within Qualtrics using panels, sent via email with an anonymous link, broadcast through social networks, or embedded within websites. Collected data can be viewed and analyzed from within Qualtrics or exported to text files, Excel, or SPSS.


Currently, CEHD has 763 Qualtrics users who have posted 2,806 surveys with 114,768 total responses. Qualtrics has been used for externally funded research, class research assignments, polling, event registration and web site feedback. CEHD faculty, staff and students can register for a Qualtrics account using their Texas A&M email address at


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