Systems Group

The Technology Systems group's major charges

  • setup and management of the college's servers
  • complete life cycle for internally build web applications
  • Moodle LMS infrastructure
  • Manage the college (employee and student) databases

Major Services Provided


  • CopyWrite. Department web sites (being migrated to Drupal)
    • The sites are managed by the CEHD Communications office, but we maintain the server.
    • hosted on CISVM (a VM hosted by CIS)
    •, eahr.tamu,edu,,
  • Exchange e-mail
  • Active Directory.
    • The college has 4 Domain Controllers.  2 in Harrington and 1 in Heaton and 1 at Riverside
  • Moodle -- Learning Management Server
  • Web site hosting (Apache, MySQL)

System Administration Projects/Tasks

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the Harrington and Heaton server rooms
  • Manage IP addresses within the Harrington and Heaton subnets. An excel file is being used to record all the information.
=== COEDB systems ===
The following systems are active and need to be maintained
* A1s. Faculty evaluations.
* EDD Application (TLAC)
* GA Evaluation.  Form used by GA mentor/supervisors to evaluate GAs.
** System setup for Kristi Stramaski in the EPSY
** (used by students/mentors)
* Graduate School Application (EPSY)
=== Miscellaneous ===
* Kiosk on first floor
* Maintenance of Technology Services help system
* Workshops signup system.
* POWER Appointment scheduler.
=== External Grants ===
* [[NSBRI]] - National Space Biomedical Research Institute
* DRC - Disability Resources.
** Data Server administration
** VPN server for access to data server
* D2K