Ticonderoga is the primay Moodle database server.  However, since the load required for that task does not seem to taxing the server we are exploring using it for other MySQL databases as well. In particular, some of the Drupal databases from MyCEHD.  Having a single MySQL database would be more efficient for maintenance purposes.  But, we don't want to do anything that will take away from the its primary Moodle tasks.

Ticonderoga runs MySQL almost exclusively.

The moodle databases are replicated

Database replication


  • binlog_format = 'MIXED'
    • There was a problem with the upgrade process when using the default 'STATEMENT'. The error seems limited to the upgrade process when extra care is being taken to isolate statements. But, we are leaving this as default since it appears to be more robust than the default setting.

Dell PE R510 issue

ticonderoga, 4M1KNQ1,, ordered in May 2011 for courses db.

  • Case No. : 835199360 - PRO:R510:CENT OS5.6/4M1KNQ1/LCD Messages
  • Original configuration included windows-only, software based RAID controller.
  • Replaced it with Dell PERC H700 controller.
  • After installation, it showed this error on boot screen and the LCD on the Bezel piece.
  • Error: E
 SAS cable A or SAS Controller is missing.
 BMC Firmware Revision version: 1.70.15
 Primary Backplane Firmware Revision 1.10
 SAS A Cable Missing/ Misconfigured/Controller missing.
 Power down the system and check the configuration.Details for storage cabling can be found
 on the system information label and in the Hardware Owner's Manual.
  • Reseated cables and cleared error using OMSA live cd.
  • The error message on the LCD on Bezel is gone.
  • Extensive tests from embedded diagnostics partition currently shows this error:
 Error Coed 2900:0325
 Msg: IPMI - Storage Cable SAS A Configuration Error
  • The boot screen error message still shows.
  • RAID is configured OK, and OS is installed OK.