Known Issues

In Outlook --> Account Properties --> Delegate Access

 This gives an error "The Delegates page is not available.  Cannot access Outlook folder.  The connection
 to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must online or connection to complete this action" and then 
 crashed Outlook.  No other related symptoms are seen.
 Posts related to this issue do not seem to apply:;en-us;199964

Setup procedures

  • Install Windows 2008 Server 64bit Enterprise Edition
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Enable Terminal Services
  • Install PowerShell (had a problem with installation until after another reboot occurred)
  • Add Roles/Features needed by Exchange. From command prompt (as Administrator)
    • ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Server
    • ServerManagerCmd -i Web-ISAPI-Ext
    • ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console
    • ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Basic-Auth
    • ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Digest-Auth
    • ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Windows-Auth
    • ServerManagerCmd -i Web-Dyn-Compression
    • ServerManagerCmd -i RPC-over-HTTP-proxy

To resolve issue: "The Write DACL inherit (group) right for the Exchange Enterprise Servers group should be removed from the root of the domain."

remove-adpermission "dc=coehdserver,dc=tamu,dc=edu" -user "CEHD\Exchange Enterprise Servers" -AccessRights WriteDACL -InheritedObjectType Group

To enable anti-spam functionality

Run ./install-AntispamAgents.ps1 through the Exchange shell from the directory %system drive%/Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Scripts

Restart transport service: Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport

Warning from Hub Transport Role Prerequisites. Setup cannot detect an SMTP or Send connector with an address space of '*'. Mail flow to the Internet may not work properly.

1. Complete the Exchange 2007 with Service Pack 1 Integrated Installation.

2. Create a new "Send Connector" (SMTP Connector), configured it to use the global address " * " and the scope "Internet":

Set postmaster account. From exchange command shell:

set-transportserver THERMOPYLAE -ExternalPostmasterAddress

Would prefer: set-transportserver THERMOPYLAE -ExternalPostmasterAddress


  • These parts are said to be needed be be open on DC
    • TCP port 389 for client communications
    • TCP port 636 for SSL communications
    • TCP port 3268 for communications to Global Catalog server
    • TCP port 3269 for SSL communications to Global Catalog server


Script Repository

Address Lists

Would like to define an address list based on "Department" and even "Office" (for sub-departmental groups).

  1. Need to define which department each person is in
  2. Need to figure out why I am getting errors when try to create said address lists.

Importing PST a File

Has to be run on PROVIDENCE.

Import-Mailbox -Identity -PSTFolderPath C:\PSTFiles\john.pst

Local example: Import-Mailbox -Identity -PSTFolderPath D:\PST\strader.pst

== Exporting a PST File

Has to be run on PROVIDENCE.

Export-Mailbox -identity -PSTFolderPath C:\FULL Page\username.pst

Local example: Import-Mailbox -Identity -PSTFolderPath D:\PST\strader.pst

Local example: Export-Mailbox -Identity -PSTFolderPath D:\PST\strader.pst

Backing up/Restoring all PST Files

Give appropriate permissions to a particular user

 get-mailbox | Add-MailboxPermission -User "CEHD\username" -AccessRights FullAccess (where username is the person being granted the permissions)

For Technology Services, instead of giving permssions to particular users, give permission to the Exchange Administrators groups.

 get-mailbox | Add-MailboxPermission -User "CEHD\Exchange Organization Administrators" -AccessRights FullAccess 

Exporting All Mailboxes (must be run from PROVIDENCE): get-mailbox | Export-Mailbox -Confirm:$False -PSTFolderPath D:\PSTBackups

Importing All Mailboxes (must be run from PROVIDENCE): get-mailbox | Import-Mailbox -Confirm:$False -PSTFolderPath D:\PSTBackups

Exporting All Mailboxes within an Organizational Unit: get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit <OU> | Export-Mailbox -Confirm:$False -PSTFolderPath D:\PSTBackups

Importing All Mailboxes within an Organizational Unit: get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit <OU> | Import-Mailbox -Confirm:$False -PSTFolderPath D:\PSTBackups

Useful cmd-lets

Get-MailboxStatistics | ft DisplayName,TotalItemSize,ItemCount