This is the NSBRI.org public web site. It is funded through a RF grant with Arlen Strader as P.I.


  • ContentActive uses http://iirf.codeplex.com/ to implement redirects and rewrites for the site
  • Redirects located at C:\Program Files\ContentActive\isapi


  • Web site runs on a CMS called ContentActive
  • CMS administration accessed through www.nsbri.org/admin/ (nsbricom/research1)
  • CMS database is located on NIMSDB
  • System backup located under \\434D-TS-DT\Share\NSBRI_BACKUP
    • This is temporary solution until a permanent backup solution is in place.
  • Database backup located in heatonfilebackup:/backup2/nsbri/.
    • Example: MBR0303-NSBRI_backup_2010_08_06_153021_8682154.bak

Notes from ContentActive

  • CMS software was installed and a few IIS settings were modified to support the CMS.
  • A local Windows user account was created (IUSR_WWW) and was given Read permission to the webroot.
  • SMTP Server was enabled and only allows local IPs to relay. This is needed for our emailblast tool.
  • Your existing Google Analytics code was added to the footer.


 IIS 7
 ContentActive CMS
 Database: MBR0303-NSBRI


Following zip files are backed up in Sep 2010 per ContentActive suggestion.

Contentactive.zip (CMS dll)

 Location: c:\Program Files\ContentActive

Export.zip (IIS config)

 Encryption key: c2hdPas$
 Location: C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\Export

MBR0303-NSBRI-web-20100911.zip (web root)

Chad Rosentreter <crosentreter@contentactive.com>

 Webroot and database backup should be sufficient. Our CMS interacts with DLLs
 in the C:\Program Files\ContentActive folder. You could backup that folder and
 export the IIS config for quicker restore. Some manually configuration would be
 required in any event.