DBWEB is the web server for the employee side of the Data Portal.

Perl Modules Needed

  • JSON


nfs mount

Since some applications expect to see files uploaded from myrecord.cehd.tamu.edu, myrecord.cehd.tamu.edu:/disks/www/myrecord should be nfs mounted to local /disks/www/myrecord.

Moreover, selinux's httpd_use_nfs should be on. Run:

setsebool -P httpd_use_nfs on

separate svn

/disks/www/coedb/portal/eahrdp/minorapp is a copy of /disks/www/myrecord/portal/eahr/minorapp.

This is under myrecord repo.

svn info:

 URL: https://dbdev.cehd.tamu.edu/repos/myrecord/portal/eahr/minorapp

The .svn directory should be kept intact.

The rest of the dbweb site is under dbweb repo.

 [bkim@dbweb minorapp]$ cd ..
 [bkim@dbweb eahrdp]$ svn info
 URL: https://dbdev.cehd.tamu.edu/repos/dbweb/portal/eahrdp


  • Error in Perl code: install_driver(mysql) failed: Can't locate DBD/mysql.pm (2/14/2011)
 from directory.
  • students_portal_PageModules: broken symbolic link to `/disks/www/coedb/students/portal/PageModules/'
 ln -s /disks/www/myrecord/portal/PageModules

Things to note

large image or document folders

  • students/portal/photos/
  • students/internships/photos
  • portal/students/students/portal/photos/
  • portal/students/students/portal/docreview/Documents
  • portal/admin/CASLogin/protected/docs
  • kiosk/Photos/
  • uploads/images (very big)