Database host for the CEHD Data Portal.  It runs PostgreSQL.

  • Virtual Machine
  • Logs: /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_log

Backup/Restoration Procedures

Website content and database data is backed up daily. The daily copy is sent to HEATONFILEBACKUP each day. A week’s worth of backups are kept plus copies that are approximately two-weeks, one month and two months old. These backups are stored at /backup2/dbhost. The database backups are encrypted using PGP.

In the event of catastrophic failure to the web or database server,

  1. The first option would be to restore the latest copy of the backups into the existing backup copies of the virtual machines. Restoration using this option could be completed within six hours.
  2. If this is not possible, the virtual machines would be rebuilt on a different virtual host in either Harrington or Heaton depending on the scale of the catastrophe. Each virtual machine is a basic linux box running CentOS. The web server runs Apache and the database server runs PostgreSQL. A full restoration could occur within 24 hours of failure.

HEATONFILEBACKUP is located within the college’s backup data center in Heaton Hall.

Business Continuity

One day of downtime for this system in the event of catastrophic failure is considered acceptable. All systems are built on open source software so that rebuilding from scratch involves downloading and re-installing basic software and would not initially require purchasing new equipment. However, depending on the scope of the emergency rebuilding basic college IT infrastructure might be required.