• IP:
  • IP:
  • Sophos Anti-virus/anti-spyware installed. Sophos is set to check for updates throughout the day. Files are scanned as they are read.
  • Event logs are maintained and reviewed periodically.
    • Security log kept for 14 days
    • Application and system log kept for 7 days

Backup Procedures

Shares are mounted on HEATONFILEBACKUP and the files are synced using rsync.

  • rsync run nightly at 4:30am
  • This solution provides a mirror of the data from CEHDSERVER
  • This backup is for disaster recovery only.
  • Archives of removed and updated files are not kept.

Critical Services

Critical Services


Some shares are stored on the SAN through iSCSI

SAN Mounts

  • F: 500GB disk (General)
  • G: 500GB disk (NetworkFolders1)
  • H:\cehd_documents 260 GB disk (NetworkFolders2)
  • I: 500GB disk (Department Shares)
  • J: 500GB disk (Video), these shares are not backed up but are meant to be a backup location for others
  • K: 500GB disk (SHAREDDATA)
  • L: 400GB disk (CEHD_DOC)


TrueCrypt encrypted drive is located on CEHSERVER at H:\DataDrives

Withing TrueCrypt program

  • Select the drive, I:\DataDrives\Drive1
  • Mount to drive letter (Y)
  • Reshare the folder within the drive "DataDeansOffice" with DataDeansOffice group having full control. (Arlen and Tony have the password)