Instructional Technology

Blackboard Vista (formerly WebCT) and eLearning

  • Faculty can call 862-3977 to contact ITS the Bb-Vista administrators
  1. Click on "Workshops and Handouts."

  2. Then click on "Vista."

  3. Look at the various handouts available. These are the same handouts that are included in the Blackboard Vista Handbook.

Other requests please address to ITS - (979) 862-3977

Video conference problems

Call 862-2241: TTVN can help you set up the room, schedule and/or connect to a conference, or with audio and/or video problems that occur during a video conference. There is a technician on duty who can assist you by phone or they will come to the building if you need them to. The College pays a maintenance fee for this service.

How do I schedule a classroom?

Classroom Assistance

  • Classrooms 408, 413, 503, 614, 632
  • TTVN Ops 862-2241 Videoconferencing Assistance
  • 2nd and 3rd floor and I-folios – call Verizon Lab for help (458-1181)
  • 5th floor – Bill Ashworth or 845-2764 or receptionist 845-2716
  • 6th floor – 616 and 617 – Bill; Rm 621A –Computer support.
  • 7th floor – Teresa Roberts 845-9270
  • 8th floor – Computer Support takes care of their conference rooms
  • Media Center – 845-7720 (loans out and sets up laptops and projectors for classes) Located in “short” Harrington.


Other services: Digital Editing of Video and Audio and Reserving Equipment

  • Faculty can leave DVDs and other forms of video and/or audio to be streamed to the REAL server. There are forms in room 434B to facilitate the process.
  • Equipment that can be checked out include digital video cameras, projector, audio recorders. All equipment check outs MUST be approved by Ben Smith and/or Fran Hunter.