File Access for Web Developers

SFTP Access (Supported both on and off campus)

For SFTP access, we recommend one of the following:
  • If you use Firefox, then FireFTP is an add-on you can install that will provide SFTP access as a Firefox tab. Download Page
  • FileZilla, which is free to download and is available for both a PC and Mac. You can download FileZilla at the following address:
Provide the following information at the top of the program and click the Quick Connect button, or in the Site Manager, which is accessible through the File menu.
  • Username: Your CEHD username
  • Password: Your CEHD password
  • Host name:
  • Port: 22

OR, if you create a site

  • Host:
  • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • Your CEHD user name and password

Once connected to the server, your files are located in your user directory at /Your CEHD username/your files.

Create an account at the top left of the FireFTP window using the following information:
  • Under the "Main" tab
    • Account Name: whatever you want to call this. For example, "My CEHD Web Site"
    • Host:
    • Login: your CEHD user name
    • Password: your CEHD password
  • Under the "Connection" tab
    • Leave "Passive Mode" checked
    • Security: SFTP (when you select SFTP it should update the port to 22)
    • Local: you can leave this blank or choose a folder on your computer you want to open up by default when you use this account.
    • Remote: your CEHD username (if you leave this blank you may have to find your folder each time you connect)


Within Dreamweaver you need to use FTP to upload/download files. To setup a Dreamweaver site to access the files for your website, create a site through the Site Manager and then when you get to the screen where you specify the remote server information, you will need to provide the following information: 
  • Access: FTP
  • FTP Host:
  • Host directory: /[YOUR CEHD USERNAME]
    or for a project within your site it would be /[YOUR CEHD USERNAME]/yourprojectfolder
  • Password: YOUR CEHD PASSWORD (Whenever you change your CEHD password you will need to change it here as well.)
  • Check the box next to "Use Secure FTP (SFTP)"

Screenshot from Dreamweaver CS4

Windows Network Share (On campus or when using VPN)

If you are working on a CEHD computer in Harrington or Heaton, do the following:
  1. right-click on any open space on the desktop,
  2. select New -> Shortcut from the menu, and
  3. Use \\\Your CEHD username for the location
If you are working off-campus or on a non-CEHD computer, do the following:
  1. right-click on any open space on the desktop,
  2. select New -> Shortcut from the menu,
  3. Location: \\\Your CEHD username,
  4. Click "Next," and when prompted use
  5. User Name: cehd\your CEHD User name
  6. Password: your CEHD password

When connecting from off-campus, this will be somewhat slow.

SFTP will typically be faster and a more dependable connection (especially noticeable from off-campus). But, Windows shares may be more familiar to you and hence easier to use.