Student Observations


The Student Observation site was initiated and is overseen by Dr. Glenda Byrns (Coordinator for Teacher Preparation Programs).  The purpose of the site is to collect observation data from student field experience supervisors and organize it within a single location.  This data is used for evaluating students and programs as well as part of TEA reporting requirements.

Main View (where students, supervisors, principals, etc. create and view obserations)

Administration View

Online Process

  1. The evaluator initiates the evaluation through the site for a particular student.
  2. The evaluation form is comprised of two parts.
    1. Common information for all students (UIN, student name, supervisor, school, grade, observation date, etc.)
    2. Program specific questions
  3. Once completing the form, the evaluator submits the form to the student.
  4. An email is sent to the student for the student to review the evaluation and provide a reflection.
  5. Once the student completes and submits the reflection, an email will go to the student, cooperating teaching, supervisor, principal and program coordinator.
  6. The evaluation will continue to be available for review by all involved.


A "Program" is a collection of students with a common coordinator doing the same things.  For example, each department's student teacher group makes up separate programs.  Also, Junior methods and senior methods are each separate "Programs."  The following information is needed when setting up a new "Program"

  • Program Name (maximum of 100 characters)
  • Program Abbreviation (maximum of 30 characters)
  • Program Coordinator (name and email address)


Each measurement instrument requires a separate form.  If any configuration option (below) changes, a new form record will be needed.  The following configuration options are needed for each form.

  • Program that will use the form
  • name of the file containing the questions.  The actual file will be obsform_FORMNAME.epl.
  • Descriptive name of form(maximum of 100 characters)
  • short name of form (maximum of 20 characters)
  • Who will complete this form? (supervisor [default], mentor teacher, etc.)
  • Who can view this form? (student, mentor, principal, supervisor) [Program Coordinator can always view a form]
  • Should students be required to provide a "Reflection"? (Yes / No)
  • If a reflection is required, the text of the question is needed.  Or, can use the standard question
    • Reflecting on your lesson, your interactive conference and your University Supervisor's written observation report, please answer the following questions. What worked well? Provide three examples. What would you have done differently?
  • Email subject line to be sent out with the final observation.  (e.g., "TLAC Student Observation of")
  • Is an observation date/time required? (Yes / No)
  • Is a conference date/time required? (Yes / No)
  • Is an overall rating and comment block required? (Yes / No)
  • Should the final observation be sent to the student? (Yes / No)
  • Should the final observation be sent to the supervisor? (Yes / No)
  • Should the final observation be sent to the mentor/cooperating teacher? (Yes / No)
  • Should the final observation be sent to the principal? (Yes / No)
  • Should the final observation be sent to the program coordinator? (Yes / No)
  • Active / Inactive

Program Forms

  • SPED Student Teachers
  • SPED Block 1 students
  • SPED Block 2 students
  • Bilingual Student Teachers
  • Bilingual Coop Teacher Feedback
  • TLAC Student Teachers
  • HLKN Student Teachers (under development)

Database Tables