Data Portal

The Data Portal is a collection of websites that provide an interface with student and employee data.  Since much of the data is confidential, the servers are sequestered from the rest of our servers to reduce risks.  Sites within the Data Portal include Faculty A-1s, EPSY Graduate Application, Advising, Certification and Polling/Voting.

For Remote access to the Data Portal, see Knowledge Base Article.

Much of the detailed documentation for this system is private.

Database Schema


Integrate data below with above list

Student Systems with data requirements
Exam eligibility [requires name, ssn, birthdate, email address,
Exam eligibility upload to TEA
Basic demographics--SS#, birth date, name (SIMS)
Pre-populate student lists for various smaller systems
Course Rosters (SIMS)
Faculty/Staff Systems with data requirements
Faculty A1s
Committee assignments (SIMS)
Courses taught (OISP)
College Directory (manually maintained)
ListServs (College Directory)
Payroll (manually maintained)



  • To export a table with caps: pg_dump --table='"BarCodeStickers"' cehddb > BarCodeStickers.sql