IT Services

Instructional Technology

Classroom Instructional Support

  • Instructional Hardware Support (computers, interactive white boards, etc.)
  • Laptop Carts
  • Student iPad Management
  • Overall maintenance and updates

Instructional Design Services

  • Course Reviews and Teaching Critiques
  • Quality Matters Subscription Administration

Instructional Development Services

  • Online Course Development (BlackBoard, Moodle)
  • Online Course Support (BlackBoard, Moodle)

Instructional Video Services

  • Management of CEHD Video Studio (College/EPSY)
  • Online course video design and production
  • Lecture Capture (Camtasia Relay - University)
  • Media Matrix (University)

Faculty, Staff, Student Training

  • Classroom Equipment Orientations and Workshops
  • Instructional Technology Webinars
  • Instructional Technology Lunches
  • Web-based materials

Desktop Conferencing

  • Centra (University) 
  • Blackboard Collaborate (College)

Video Conferencing

  • HD Video Conferencing - (College)
  • TTVN (University)


  • Student Labs (EPSY, EAHR, DEAN/TLAC) 
  • Qualtrics (College) - more info
  • Poster Printing (College)
  • Equipment Checkout (College)
  • Sundial Advisor Scheduling (University)

Computer Support

  • Setup of new computers
  • Computer repairs
  • Software installation/upgrade
  • Printer setup and repair (desktop and large departmental printers)
  • Software licensing
  • IT Equipment inventory
  • Enterprise Anti-virus software management
  • Network Shares

Systems and Application Development